A warped flitch that is not held securely against the flitch

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A warped flitch that is not held securely against the flitch

Postby yourknifes » 2017-10-12, 02:17:48 am

Since most veneer cut on a slicer isSlicing Knife (1.6 mm) or thinner, this also makes thickness control less of a problem than with thicker rotary-cut veneer. Even so, the first few sheets cut on a slicer may be thinner than nominal thickness. The cause is primarily play in the feed mechanism and the flitch table. As with the lathe, it may also be due to compression of the wood beyond the knife edge by the pressure bar (29).

A warped flitch that is not held securely against the flitch table by the dogs may also result in thin veneer. Having all slicer parts closefitting, the flitch securely held against the flitch table, and using moderate nosebar pressure should minimize these sources of nonuniform sliced veneer. Less common reasons for nonuniform veneer include heat distortion of the knife and pressure bar that results in veneer cut from near the center of the slicer to be thin.

Heating the knife and pressure bar prior to setting up the slicer is the best way to overcome this problem. Yokes and pull screws on the pressure bar holder can also be used to help correct the alinement of the pressure bar to the knife edge. A nonuniformly heated flitch may also result in nonuniform veneer thickness. 78 M 141 666 Figure 28.

—An instrument for measuring roughness of wood surfaces by moving a stylus Paper Converting Knives the rough surface. The insert shows the type of trace the instrument records. A slicer that indexes the previously cut surface against a stop plate may produce uneven veneer if splinters or other debris come between the flitch and the stop plate.
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